Welcome to Raymond, Washington

Raymond is the gateway to the beautiful Willapa River and Bay. Set in the midst of lush forested lands, Raymond is located in one of the most fertile tree growing regions in the world.

The heritage of the region is reflected in the Heritage-Wildlife Sculpture Corridor.  While in Raymond visit the Willapa Seaport Museum, the Northwest Carriage Museum, and the Willapa Public Market (open May through September).

A little bit of history

Raymond received its name from L.V. Raymond, the first postmaster of Raymond. The town was incorporated on August 4, 1907. In the early years, Raymond’s business section was built on stilts five or six feet above the tidelands and sloughs that crisscrossed the site. Elevated sidewalks and streets connected most of the buildings.

The city that does things…

Raymond claimed a population of 6,000 in the year 1913 and had a reputation as a wild and wooly lumber mill town. City fathers resisted the unwanted reputation with promotions of Raymond as “The Empire City of Willapa Harbor” and “The City That Does Things”. (Courtesy of Pacific County Historical Society)

The Willapa Harbor Chamber of Commerce

Discovery and Adventure Awaits!

Take a step back in time and explore the charming farming communities of Raymond, South Bend, Bay Center, Menlo, Lebam & Frances, located in the beautiful Willapa Hills. Historic Willapa Harbor is home to a vibrant fishing and oyster farming industry, a wide array of agriculture farms, an amazing art corridor, winery and breweries, and a spectacular variety of outdoor adventures. 

Come and experience the beauty of Willapa Harbor while discovering the stories that make this place so special.


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