Bird Watching

North River

West of the airport on SR 105, wintering Willets are often sighted on the mudflats at the mouth of North River. Whimbrels, Long-billed Curlew, and Marbled Godwit are also common.

Tokeland Marina and Bay Center

Marbled Godwit, Long-billed Curlew, Whimbrel and Dowitchers can be seen in these locations in winter and during migration. Year-round the variety of waterfowl, shorebirds and raptors is outstanding.

Washaway Beach

North of Tokeland on SR 105, this stretch of erosion scarred beach has recently been fortified by a man-made jetty. A flock of brown pelicans can often be sighted feeding in the shallow waters of the beach.

An extraordinary variety of waterfowl feed in the wetlands of Willapa Bay.

The Bay’s tidelands are an important rest stop for waterfowl and seabirds that follow the major north-south migrational route known as the Pacific Flyway. There is also a vast diversity of shorebirds that reside in the area.

Finding prime birdwatching spots in Willapa Country is simple, just take a walk along the rivers or our beautiful bay! You’re sure to be rewarded with close encounters with bald eagles, blue heron, or kingfishers and if you’re really lucky you may see a marbled murrelet whizzing by. Some of our most popular birdwatching spots are:

Butte Creek Picnic Area

North of Raymond on SR 101, Butte Creek is an excellent example of high quality murrelet habitat. The marbled murrelet can be observed in the pre-dawn hours and are characterized by a high pitched “keer keer” vocalization which sounds like a seabird. About the size of a robin and flying very rapidly, they resemble jet fighter planes in their swiftness.

Raymond Airport

Sightings of white-tailed kites, passerines, Northern Harriers and various falcons are common here. The Raymond Airport is located three miles west of Raymond on Highway 105.

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