Clam Digging & Shell Fishing

For more information, including dates, equipment, instructions and recipes, please visit the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife’s page on Razor Clam Digging. Crab Rings and Shellfish Licences may be purchased at Dennis Company in Raymond.  Various areas have public access for Razor Clams, Native Littlenecks, Manila Littlenecks, Butter Clams, Cockle Clams, Eastern Softshell Clams, Macomas Clams, Geoduck Clams, Horse Clams, Oysters, Dungeness Crab, Red Rock Crab, Mussels, Goose Barnacles, Sandshrimp, Seaweed; check the regs for details.

The beaches of North Cove and Grayland are famous for their productive razor clam beds.

Clam digging on the beaches is a favorite activity for locals and visitors alike. There are many different types of clam digging equipment.

Tubular clamming guns come in either aluminum or plastic forms and clamming shovel lengths can vary greatly. Give each of these types a try and choose the one that fits you best.

Other equipment handy for a dig include: a net bag in which to store your clams, waders to brave the tide and warm clothes to fight off the elements. Area beaches and the dates they are open vary due to numerous environmental factors and permit availability. Always check the season and regulations with the Recreational Emergency Regulations Hotline at 360-796-3215, and don’t forget your Shellfish/Seaweed License.

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Take a step back in time and explore the charming farming communities of Raymond, South Bend, Bay Center, Menlo, Lebam & Frances, located in the beautiful Willapa Hills. Historic Willapa Harbor is home to a vibrant fishing and oyster farming industry, a wide array of agriculture farms, an amazing art corridor, winery and breweries, and a spectacular variety of outdoor adventures. The history of the area is revealed through the many historical sites, including the South Bend County Courthouse with an anstonishing stained glass rotunda and the Raymond Theater featuring classic art deco era architecture with many fine arts performances & movies through out the year. The Northwest Carriage Museum our region's most visited tourist destination will stun your senses as you tour through its vast collection. Our Seaport Museum and the Pacific County Historical Society collections, along with our architecturally impressive Library buildings, bring to life our vibrant past. The WHCC are the proud stewards of the restored 1900's Craftsman Community Center available for special event rentals.

Come and experience the beauty of Willapa Harbor while discovering the stories that make this place so special.


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